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The Independent Electoral Commission published on Sunday, January 31 the provisional list of the com

These legislative acts are already of a novel nature. First, because the new electoral law obliges parties to line up at least 30% of female candidates in constituencies with more than two seats to be filled. The women are very few anyway, because on 1587 applicants who submitted applications, it has only 212.

Then, because the EDS platform close to Laurent Gbagbo decides to participate in the ballot after years of boycott and has formed an alliance with the PDCI, its long-standing ideological enemy. The former president, whose return to the country is still awaited, will weigh again on the Ivorian political game, if he wins some of the 255 seats of deputies.

On the other hand, two of his staunch allies, Damana Adia dit Pickass and Justin Koné Katinan were declared ineligible, the two men being still in exile in Ghana and not fulfilling the condition of residence of at least five years on the national territory.

Of the 1,266 files validated by the CEI, there are also many independent applications, including around 40 in the autonomous district of Abidjan. Some have chosen not to compete under the colors of their party. Among these independents, one counts Alain Lobognon , the deputy close to Guillaume Soro and still in prison for "conspiracy and attack against the authority of the State", puts his seat at stake in Fresco.

The opposition, which gathered in a coalition during the presidential election last October, fractured as the legislative elections approached. In several constituencies, Pascal Affi N'Guessan's FPI and its allies will therefore face the pro-Gbagbo branch and the PDCI of Henri Konan Bédié.

For its part, the ruling RHDP party presented candidates across the country, especially in its northern stronghold.


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