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" I will make my sole mandate a moral requirement by exercising state power with dignity and simplicity." By taking the oath in April 2016, Patrice Talon pledged to serve only one five-year term at the head of Benin. But over the months, his promise waned and on January 15, 2021, the former "king of cotton" who had become president announced that he was running for a second term on April 11, 2021, as indicated. 'elsewhere quite authorized. The Constitutional Court of Benin definitively validated on February 22 three candidatures for the presidential election of April: those of Patrice Talon, the former minister Alassane Soumanou of the opposition party Force cauris pour un Bénin Emergent (FCBE), and of Corentin Kohoué, Several months before the election, the political climate was already very degraded. In December 2020, the opposition collectively protested against the composition of the bodies responsible for organizing the vote, believing that it was not properly represented. In 2019, the opposition as a whole boycotted the legislative elections. The main Beninese opponents are now living in exile.

Source: Tv5MONDE

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