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Guinea Bissau: ECOWAS affirms election of Guinea-Bissau president


Months after Guinea-Bissau’s disputed presidential election, leaders in the West Africa bloc, ECOWAS, have acknowledged the victory of Umaro Sissoco Embalo.

In a statement released on Tuesday, April 21 2020, the Economic Community of West African States said the decision followed “a thorough analysis of the political situation in the country.”

The development signifies a diplomatic victory for Sissoco Embalo, who had organized his own investiture at the end of February and moved to the presidential palace, with the support of the country’s military.

However, ECOWAS has asked Embalo to appoint a new Prime Minister and a new government by 22 May at the latest, “in accordance with Guinea Bissau’s constitution.”

The president has also been charged with amending the country’s constitution, which will be put to a referendum in six months. In January, Guinea Bissau’s National Electoral Commission had proclaimed Embaló winner of the 29 December polls with 53.55%.

His opposition challenger, Domingos Pereira, then appealed to the Supreme Court for a recount of the ballots cast in the second round of the vote.

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